Starcraft 2 Void Ray

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The Starcraft 2 Void Ray is one of the most poorly understood units in Starcraft 2. It gives lower-ranked players so much trouble that people often claim it is overpowered. On the other hand, it is considered useless by middle of the road players and is rarely used in Platinum – Low Diamond leagues. Despite this, it makes regular appearances.

In this article, I will be revealing the truth about the Starcraft 2 Void Ray – covering counters for lower-ranked players and Starcraft 2 tips for mid-ranked players who are looking to bolster their “toolbox” with new Void Ray strategies.

Starcraft 2 Void Ray Counters

Stopping Void Rays is a lot easier than you would think. People think that because a Void Ray does decent in a 1v1 versus a Stalker or Hydralisk that it is too strong, but nothing could be further from the truth.

What most players need to recognize when dealing with Void Rays is just how incredibly expensive they are. Void Rays are one of the most expensive units in the game on a per-supply basis, costing 250 minerals and 150 gas (400 total resources) for a 3 supply count unit.

Compare this to 100/100 (200 total resources) for a Mutalisk or 100/50 (150 total resources) for a Hydralisk and you can see why Void Rays are so “strong”. One of the best Starcraft 2 tips is to always be keeping an eye on exactly how much a unit costs when evaluating how good or bad it is.

When you are going against Void Rays, you immediately have to recognize that a huge investment was leveraged into them, so with every single Void Ray you kill, you will be dealing a huge blow to the Protoss army. They are practically floating Nexuses.

So, when you are going against Void Rays, you can use so many units to counter and still come out ahead in terms of resources lost:

Terran: Marines and Vikings both work. Marines are exceptionally good versus Void Rays. Throw up some Missile Turrets too (Hi-Sec Auto Tracking actually helps a surprising amount).

Zerg: Zerg players can use Hydralisks, Queens, Spore Crawlers, and Mutalisks to stop the Starcraft 2 Void Ray. Use Queens and Spore Crawlers if you are surprised by a Void Ray rush; two Queens will take out a Void Ray in a 1v1 no problem. Train Queens non-stop if you run into early Void Rays.

Note that for Zerg, Mutalisks work better than Corrupters against Void Rays. Void Rays do bonus damage to armored units, and the Mutalisks are light, so they do better than Corruptors. Hydralisks are ideal versus Void Rays, but you need the +range upgrade to make them truly effective.

Protoss: Stalkers are highly effective versus Void Rays, and as such you rarely see Void Rays used effectively in Protoss vs Protoss match-ups. Blink really helps chase down Void Rays that try to use hit-and-run strategies.

Starcraft 2 Void Ray Strategies

The Void Ray is a highly effective tool in high-ranking Protoss players’ arsenals. Low-level players try to attack directly with Void Rays and their attacks are thwarted by the counters above, while high-level players are able to work the Void Ray into their army in unique ways.

I will cover this on a race-vs-race basis, as this greatly changes the viability of each strategy.

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Versus Terran:

Void Rays are unfortunately underutilized in PvT match-ups simply because Marines are so effective against them. However, they do have one very solid use: the ability to break down Terran barricades.

What you can do is use the Void Ray to target any buildings near the edge of the high ground. Void Rays can often position themselves in such a way that they cannot be hit by Marines, unless of course the Marines come down to the low ground beyond the Barricade (where your gateway armory will be waiting).

Use your Void Rays to pick off the building wall at the entrance to the Terran player’s base or natural expansion if you want to push in with Gateway units in a somewhat early time in the game.

Versus Protoss:

Void Rays are very ineffective versus Protoss, though you can use the same strategy as you used versus Terran players in order to snipe buildings forming a wall at the entrance to the player’s base.

You can also do “hit and run” attacks on the enemy’s expansions, particularly late in the game. Finally, you can use a few Void Rays mixed in with your Protoss ball to target Colossi.

Versus Zerg:

Void Rays have really seen a resurgence in late-game play against Zerg players. In particular, players have found that Void Rays are a great way to take out the Corruptor’s which usually pick off the Protoss’ Colossi.

What you do is simply mix approximately 2 Void Rays in your army for every 3 Corruptors the Zerg player has. The Void Rays generally win this fight, or at least keep your Colossi long enough to wipe out the opponent’s ground army, at which point your Stalkers can come in and finish off the Corruptors.

Another method for using the Void Ray is as part of a rush. Zerg players are often slow to get anti-air, and you can force them to get ground defense by feigning an early Gateway attack.

If you build up some Gateway units and then feign a push, Zerg players will often invest tons of resources in Spine Crawlers and Roaches. You can then secretly be building a few Void Rays and Phoenix and sneak in once you have a big enough army and take out the Zerg player in one attack. This works even at the professional level of play.

Starcraft 2 Void Ray Strategy and Counters Conclusion

The SC2 Void Ray is indeed both easy to counter yet highly effective when used properly. If you want to be good at Starcraft 2, do not simply mass Void Rays or be taken by surprise by them.

Use them to take out buildings that form a wall from a safe position, or use them as part of a rush or your late-game army against Zerg players. Both are effective strategies and are used by players of even high-rankings.

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